Flower arranging

The individuality of each flower’s shape and color is combined to weave the charm of a floral arrangement.
In particular, I pay special attention to color matching.

There are many flowers and materials available in the flower market, some of which are available year-round and some of which are seasonal.
Selecting flowers, thinking about the combination, deciding on a vessel, and arranging the flowers is a supreme pleasure.
Compared to the stage of deciding on materials, the finished product may be closer to my ideal, or it may even be different from what I imagined.
If something unexpected turns out, that’s still fun.

I have been in the flower production business since 1995. I have done everything by myself, from purchasing, producing, and delivering flowers.
I have been thinking how happy I would be if the life of flowers, which is short by nature, were eternal. Their beautiful appearance will eventually end when the time comes. It is not really possible to leave their beautiful appearance in this world.

However, we can preserve their portraits using a camera. → Continue to “as a photographer